Classic Setters
Sales Agreement and Guarantee

Fran and Frank Thompson, Hartsburg, Missouri, USA Phone 573-819-2949; e-mail:

A deposit of $200 was received from the undersigned purchaser for a puppy from ___________________ born in ______.  The deposit will be applied to the purchase price of $1300.  Shipping charges will be paid by the purchaser and a shipping crate will be provided by the purchaser.  The deposit is non-refundable except if a puppy of the desired sex is unavailable. If the purchaser chooses to not accept a puppy from this litter they may apply their deposit to the purchase of a puppy from the next available litter at the prevailing price of puppies from that litter.  The puppy will be registered to the purchaser, by the breeder, with the kennel name prefix "CLASSIC".  The remainder of the name is selected by the purchaser.  The breeder guarantees puppies to be healthy when they leave the breeder's kennel, to have the genetic potential to be a gundog, and to not have hip dysplasia before 26 months of age as determined by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals.  Every puppy that is shipped will be examined by a veterinarian prior to shipping to insure that it is in perfect health. This guarantee entitles the purchaser to a new puppy from the next available litter upon either the return of the purchased dog to the breeder's kennel or other mutually agreed upon disposition of the dog. The breeder is not liable for costs associated with any treatment of a purchased dog unless agreed upon in advance by the breeder and in lieu of providing a replacement puppy.  The owner will have the purchased setter certified by the OFA to be free of hip dysplasia prior to breeding it.  Breeding the purchased setter prior to having OFA certification will void the warranty.

FIRST CHOICE  (circle one sex)                MALE                FEMALE 

Is a puppy of the opposite sex acceptable if your first choice is not available?    YES      NO

First choice color:            orange                blue              tricolor

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Telephone  ________________________________________________________________

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Signature and Date_________________________________________________________

Breeder: Frank R. Thompson III and Frances L. Thompson

Make Checks Payable to Fran Thompson